Dream Of Caledonia

By Debbie Brewin-Wilson

  1. Anochd Gur Faoin Mo Chadal Dhomh
  2. Eilean A’ Cheo
  3. The Harvest Home
    Father O’Flynn (The Top Of Cork Road)
  4. An American Farewell To Skye
  5. In Praise Of Uist
  6. Nessie’s Favourite
  7. Comin’ Home
  8. Catterthun
    The Lewis Bridal Song (Mairi’s Wedding)
  9. Jersey Farmer
  10. Braigh Loch Iall
  11. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle
  12. The Wolf Pups
  13. Song Of The Wild Woman

Four comments

Information, please ?

What’s the point in posting 3 recordings, and not giving any information about them or the musician/s involved ?
What does she play ? Is she any good ?

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I presume that this is Debbie - http://www.harpagency.com/artist3.htm - and that Brad Wilson (the OP) is probably her partner or a relation of some kind.

However, like you, Kenny, I’m thoroughly sick of useless entries in this section.

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The phrase "declaration of interest" comes to mind.

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Point taken. Yes, Debbie is my wife. She plays Scottish harp & sings (as you’ve no doubt surmised from her website). I did not intend to post the recordings for selfish reasons, but rather to present other recorded versions of tunes. While Debbie started playing traditional Scottish (and a few Irish) tunes, she also writes her own.

I have not gotten around yet to transcribing the instrumental tunes on the recordings - I haven’t seen songs posted here, and I wasn’t going to post them anyway because there are myriad other sites for lyrics.

As for whether the recordings are good or not, as you say, I am an "interested party". I think her stuff is good and she has gotten good reviews. I’ll leave it to the harpers on this site to provide an unbiased opinion (for I suspect not many others would be familiar with her work).