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I’m really enjoying most of this recording. The tune sets are fantastic, and most of the songs enjoyable to me, though few leave something to be desired, but all in all a good recording. they’ve recaptured that classic DeDanann sound from the early days that I love.

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It would really be useful if folks included the release date with their postings.

“Recorded July and August 2010” according to the sleeve notes. The playing is great, of course, but it’s one of the most hackneyed selections of tunes I’ve seen on a recording for a long time. And much as I love Eleanor Shanley’s singing, none of the songs made much of an impression. Sadly disappointed, I’m afraid.

There are a number of typos in the track listing. Please correct them.

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I copied all of the tune sets to my ipod.

Agreed Kenny, the songs are painful. Awful.
The tune sets are hackneyed, but I guess thats the idea. Starting from the beginning again. Also I like the versions they play.

The whole thing is neither here nor there really and I’m certainly not in agreement with MR about the classic De Dannan sound.

Mick Conneely’s fiddle playing will never ever do it for me. The sound on the record is really shrill and harsh. I nearly turned it off after the first 2 minutes, but I love Mcgraths playing.

I’d still prefer listening to it over Frankies other expeditions any day.

Surprised at the negative comments here, I love this album. I had the pleasure of playing with Mick Conneely on Inishbofin some years ago and he really is a master of his instrument. Brian McGrath’s banjo playing on this album is as superb as it is understated.

The tunes may be old standards but they are played with such a freshness that it doesn’t sound old.

The Emmylou Harris and Richard Thompson numbers are sung beautifully by Eleanor Shanley. Not so sure about the inclusion of the Johnny Duhan song in there though.

The album is a fixture in the car stereo at the moment.

Re: Wonderwaltz

I’ve just heard the track Inis Oirr off this album, to which contributor saoirse has provided a link in a recent Discussions post. I take it Eleanor Shanley is singing here. To me, it is a refreshing and beautiful take on a tune I find particularly dulcet - and indeed, I had not known that a song existed to it. Well done all concerned.
But so far I have not listened, or done so with any attention, to other tracks or clips from this album.