The Habit Of A Foreign Sky

By Lily Neill

  1. Bedford Row
  2. Life On Wheels
  3. Beneath A Balcony
  4. The Miser’s Pocker
    Sergeant Early’s Dream
    M And M
  5. Johnny
  6. Yxi Kaunis Papillinen Polska
    Johan Yli-Nickola
    Polska Från Jeppo Efter Johannes Jusslin
  7. In Memory Of Michael Coleman
    Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar At Nine O’Clock
  8. It Was Early
  9. Rannalla
  10. Loftus Jones
  11. A Thousand Farewells
    The Clear Coaster
  12. Life On Wheels
  13. Lady Ramsey

One comment

The Habit of a Foreign Sky

I love this album. The second album of composer and harp player Lily Neill’s, her choices are clear, bold, and strong. The album itself is wonderfully constructed in terms of the flow order of the tunes. It’s full of originality—both in new compositions and artful arrangements of well known tunes.

Released independently in 2011. The title comes from a 2010 novel by Xu Xi.