Life In The Slow Lane

By Seamus Bugler, Paddy O’Donoghue, Pat Mullins and Pat Costello

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Release date? Availability?

Is there really a musician called ‘Part Costello’? What happened to the rest of him?

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Traditional Irish Music from County Clare, recorded mostly in session setting at Ger Shortt’s Bar in Feakle.
Released in December 2010, all proceeds go to support the Clarecare charity.

You can purchase this CD through Custy’s (see link below)

[Musician names corrected]

And a lovely CD it is. Thanks for making the corrections.

Life in the Slow Lane

This promises to be one of the best recordings of Irish traditional music for some time, if we go by the combined experience of these four excellent musicians.
Seamus has already recorded and is well known for his welcome and encouragement to newcomers and shy players at sessions.
Paddy O´Donoghue is the father of Cyril, another well known Clare musician, and plays the silver flute.
Pat Mullins, from Enistymon, is not perhaps as well known as the others but his lovely unhurried style of fiddle playing helped to keep alive the only session in Shannon some years ago. He is a stalwart of Willie Week.
Pat Costello, broadcaster, record producer, ceili band drummer, guitarist and singer, first class banjo and mandolin player…..and those are onlty a few of his talents !
There is a thread that runs through the characters and the playing of these four top notch musicians, and that is: humility - a quality often - but not always - found in the best musicians.
By playing at sessions with these four musicians - courtesy of Pat Costello - and learning from them, my own playing improved considerably at an important point in my learning curve.

Johnny McCarthy set

I recognize the first two reels as from In Good Company, but number three, gorgeous, I have no idea. Can someone please help?

Johnny McCarthy set

Thankyou, GaryAMartin, for getting back on my query; it’s my first experience getting answers here, and it’s lovely! Sligogirl