By Judy Plester

  1. Father Kelly’s
  2. Inisheer
  3. Paddy Canney’s Toasts
  4. The Jig Of Slurs
  5. Calliope House
  6. Farewell To Ireland
  7. Bonnie Glenside
  8. Wild Rose On The Mountain
  9. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Rippling Rock
  10. Lynn Mysterieux
  11. Redhaired Boy
    Kitchen Girl
    Cold And Frosty Morning
    Tracy’s Bow
  12. Ger The Rigger
  13. Bill Sullivan

One comment

Local Michigan fiddler, memories of confusuion, but I still learned from it

Apparently Judy Plester comes from Michigan and is an active emissary of traditional Irish music in the area too. It’s been about a decade since I looked at the case, but here’s what I recall (mostly trivia):

This was my first introduction to a mostly fiddle cd when I was probably 14 years old. Two of these tunes are percussion only (I think bones and bodhran). One was called Father Kelly’s, another might have been a “secret” track.

The track listing is somewhat mysterious to me, I think it was originally printed for cassette tape and then reproduced as-is for the cd. There might be a secret track of just percussion inserted in the middle of the CD.

Tracy’s Bow is an original tune by Plester. If I recall correctly, it was written for her daughter of the title’s name.

The cd came sealed with the image of a claddagh pressed into foil.

Two warnings for those who may try to learn by ear from this CD:
1) I REPEAT: The track listing printed on her cd is rather confusing as it was originally intended for cassette tape. I grew up not knowing half of the names of the tunes I tried learning from the recording because of this.

2) For classically trained musicians, many of the tunings are far from the typical A=440 HZ set up so you may need to tune the fiddle down if you want to play along with minimal dissonance. I wisened up when I realized I could play the tunes without having to play so many flats and sharps if I just transposed everything I heard up by a whole step.

That said, I learned some fiddle and even fell in love with several good tunes by listening to this CD.