Pick It Up

By Enda Scahill

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This is another good fine recording of the Banjo, but I didn’t posted it because there are many nameless tunes in it.

Enda Scahill is from Galway and occasionally plays in the Galway city. I got this CD directly from his hand around two years ago during my first trip in Ireland.

The guests musicians are also nice. They are Fergal Scahill (guitar), Brian McGrath (piano), Brendan Browne (box), Jesse Smith (fiddle), Anthony McGrath (guitar), and Damien Quinn (percussion). Some are regular session players in the Galway city, and so you will get to know them when you are hanging around there.

Brian McGrath is also a fine banjo player, but unfortunately we cannot listen to banjo duets in this album.

I think this is one of the best banjo albums i’ve heard if not the best. Brillinat stuff

Sorry…….brilliant stuff

Track Names

This is one of my all time favourite banjo albums
Track 7 comprises
’ Choice Wife ’ (or ‘An Phis Fhliuch’ )
’ Cepta Byrne’s ’
’ Paidin O’Raifearta’s ’ (or ’ The Shannon JIg ’ )
All are listed on the session

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I’ve heard Enda play a few times, lookinf forward to hearing this

Enda Scahill

He is now playing with "Brock McGuire Band": http://www.brockmcguire.com I haven’t got their album yet, but it should be nice.

Enda Scahill

Track 11, first tune is Charlie Lennon’s # 4

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Enda Scahill - more links

Track 2 : “Maeve’s Reels”.
I don’t know the name of the first one, but the 2nd is https://thesession.org/tunes/1608
And the 3rd is :

Track 5 : I’m sure he plays it, but the 2nd tune doesn’t have anything else to do with Charlie Lennon as far as I know . It’s here :

Track 10 :”The New Post Office”. I’ve always known as “The Humours Of Scartaglen”. It’s here, but the sheet music seems to have 2 tunes. Ignore the first 6 lines of music: https://thesession.org/tunes/900

Track 11 - You can get a link to Charlie Lennon’s #4 by clicking on “Charlie Lennon’s” in the jig selection on Track 5 !

Track 12 – Starts with a version of the “Primrose Lass” but in “A”.
2nd tune is “The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh” . here :

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Track 9

The second tune on this track is The Air Tune and is available on this website under that name.

Track 12

what is the name of the first tune on track 12 he plays here, sum tune!!

See above

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i know i posted this cd but i was listening to it today for the first time in ages-without a doubt it must be the best banjo cd i have. I think i will struggle to find better than this. He plays fast but i enjoy this more than any of Gerry o Connor or his wannabe’s like Dessie Kelleher.

anyone got the first tune on track 3?


Kerry Fling

Kerry Fling on the Album is actually Primrose Lass, not the Kerry Fling as shown here

Re: Pick It Up

First reel on track #3 has been recorded by "De Dannan", but I don’t think they had a name for it.

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