Aisling Yoshua (Joshua’s Dream)

By Johnny Óg Connolly

  1. Mickey Callaghan’s
    Tom Billy’s
    The Battering Ram
  2. The Drunken Sailor
    The Strand
  3. The Drunken Landlady
    Dicky Sherlock’s
  4. April In Florence
  5. The Lark In The Morning
    The Legacy
  6. Caoineadh Nain
  7. Loftus Jones
  8. Lady Patricia’s
  9. Ben’s Arrival
    Soundman Eamonn
  10. Joshua’s Dream
  11. An Cosán Draíochta
    Bog Week
  12. Spanish Arch
    Ventry Vertigo

Five comments

I was lucky enough to get Johnny Og’s new solo recording at a music camp last week - well not entirely solo, since some tracks feature guest musicians: Brian McGrath, Mick Conneely, Garry O Briain, Frank Kilkelly, James Blennerhasset, and Johnny Connolly on Melodeon. A really nice variety of tunes and lovely playing - if there was any doubt about his versatility, just listen to his own compositions on the CD - a waltz, a lament, a lullaby (for his nephew) and two polkas. He also includes compositions of Ben and Charlie Lennon, Brian Rooney, and his father. The notes mention he borrowed boxes from Colm Gannon and Dermot Byrne - I wondered which he was playing on the waltz called April in Florence? That’s a lovely, romantic waltz that sounds like something you might hear drifting out of a cafe on a sunny afternoon in Florence. Not sure where or when this CD will be available, but it’s excellent!

Johnny Óg Connolly Aisling Yoshua (Joshua’s Dream)

We listened to Johnny Og’s Aisling Yoshua on the way home from Friday Harbor. Great CD!


Anyone know where I can buy this online?

Heard this on Béal Maidne (RnaG) this morning, loved it. I see that it’s newly released, but does anyone know where I can buy it online (MP3 or CD)?