Traditional Scottish Fiddling

By Various Artists

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  1. A Chaluim Bhig
  2. The Read Haired Girl Of Tulloch
  3. Ca’ Hawkie Thro’ The Water
  4. South Of The Grampians
  5. The Rights Of Man
  6. (Grace Note Demonstration)
  7. Glengrant
  8. Brig O’ Perth
  9. Sow’s Lament
  10. Kennet’s Dream
  11. Banks
  12. Queen Victoria’s Diamong Jubilee
  13. Stool Of Repentance
  14. Devil In The Kitchen
  15. Fishers
  16. Marquis Of Lorne
  17. An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn?
  18. Ealaidh Ghaoil
  19. The Braes Of Castlegrant
  20. The Pibroch Of Domhnall Dubh
  21. ’S Ioma Rud Tha Dhith Orm
  22. Glengarry’s Dirk
  23. The Thief Of Lochaber
  24. The Sound Of Sleat
  25. Am Muillean Dubh
  26. Locheil’s Awa Tae France
  27. Tail Toddle
  28. Duntroon
  29. Da Day Dawn
  30. If I Get A Boanie Lass
  31. Oot Be Est Da Vong
  32. Soldier’s Joy
  33. Da Full Rigged Ship
  34. Unst Bridal March
  35. Da Mill
  36. Da Shaalds Of Foula
  37. Sleep Soond In Da Moarnin
  38. Norwegian
  39. Jimmy O The Bu’s
  40. Peter Pratt’s
  41. The Old
  42. Aithernie Lodge
  43. Orkney
  44. The Rope
  45. Toe Reid
  46. Orkney Isles
  47. Tide At The Taing
  48. The Flouers O Edinburgh
  49. Neil Gow’s Farewell To Whisky
  50. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie

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Moar tracks!

There’s actually 68 tracks, but only 50 are allowed. Here’s the rest:

The Flowers of the Forest
Chapel Keithack
Edgefauld House
P.M. John Stewart
Miss Shepherd
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lord Dalhousie
Stirling Castle
MacKenzie Hay
Braes of Tullymet/Miss Adie
Captain Campbell
Craighellachie Bridge
Lady Charlotte Campbell (strathspey and reel)
The Beauty of the North
Miller of Dervil
J.F. Dickie’s Delight (strathspey and reel)
The Glenlivet

Contributing Artists

Hector MacAndrew
Paul Anderson
Jean-Marie Callender
Tommy Mainland
Len Wilson
Ronan Martin
Ian Kennedy
Margaret Scollay
Pauleen Wiseman
Doug Stuart
Christine Martin
Tom Hughes

Bibliographic Info

“Traditional Scottish Fiddling: A Player’s Guide to Regional Styles, Bowing Techniques, Repertoire and Dances: Containing Over 220 Tunes”
Book and CD

Edited by Christine Martin
Published by Taigh na Teud, 2002
Isle of Skye, Scotland

You could have split the submission in half, part 1 & 2 or A & B, then this recording would also show in the track list for all the tunes.

Ockham’s razor strikes again! Right you are. Will make a “Part 2.”

Nicely done. 😉