Thursday Night In The Caley

By Blazin’ Fiddles

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Picked this up at the Blazers concert in Hawick on Saturday night (March 26th). This is with the new line up with Anna Massie and Jenna Reid in place of Marc Clement and Catriona Macdonald (although Catriona Macdonald made a guest appearance at Hawick Town Hall.
First impressions are that this is a return to form. Lots of good tunes - old and new. The Norwegian Waltz on track 6 is by Vidar Skrede. The strathspeys on track 9 are played as polkas (and hence called "strolkas"). Track 5 is a fiddle duet from Ian MacFarlane and Anna Massie.


Have found it again - you’re correct, and it is ‘The Storm’; composer is Frank McLaughlin.