Millhouse Measures

By The Raw Bar Collective

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The Raw Bar Collective

Conal O’Grada - flute
Dave Sheridan - fiddle
Benny McCarthy - accordion

News of this release got to Copenhagen before it got to Scotland, so thanks, Mich, for letting me know about this..

Recorded live at “The Millhouse” in Co.Waterford. Great, lively playing from all concerned. Tracks 4 and 9 are songs, very well sung by an unidentified singer who sounds very young.
Worth noting that the first 2 reels, and also the first hornpipe on track 10 are original compositions by Conal O’Grada.


Track 2 consists of 3 slides, 2 of which have names other than “Joe Sullivan’s” and are almost certainly here under other titles. I’ll try to identify them later.

Singer, etc.

Just glanced through their website (having a strong interest in anything from O’Grada) and it says the singer is Nell Ní Chróinín “(sean nós singer, commonly acknowledged as the most exciting traditional singing talent of her generation)”. Also says that Colm Murphy played bodhran on the recording.

Love It!

Bought this album at Irish Arts Week this summer. I met fiddle player, Dave Sheridan, at a session in Ireland this Feb at Teach Dolman’s in Carlow, IE. WONDERFUL session: friendly, strong playing, not too fast, guiness flowing like water. I’ve taken Conal’s flute classes at IAW, too. I’m almost totally addicted to this album. The pulse and the power. Just great stuff. And the whoops and shouts of those lucky souls who got to hang out in the pub during the recording.


Ditto what the mad greek said. Finally got my hands on this CD when O’Grada passed through town (kinda… was worth the 2 hour drive) and I’ve listened to it more times than I can recall listening to any CD in a long time. Thought I would be hard pressed to find a live recording that I favor more than Live at Matt Molloy’s, but I think this one may take the cake.

Track 13 clarification

Yep, still stuck on this CD. Think I’ve just learned the last set of tunes from it that I’m going to learn for now. FWIW, all 3 tunes on track 13 as they are listed here don’t link to the actual tunes from the CD. I’ve TunePal’d and used Reverend’s search, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Joe Burke’s: Doesn’t appear to be on any of the main sites. The liner notes indicate it’s written by Jackie Daly.
The Upperchurch: Isn’t either of the two Upperchurch polkas on this site. Also doesn’t appear to be on any of the main sites.
The Lonesome: It’s this (a.k.a Jimmy Doyle’s). Apparently it’s Seamus Creagh that calls it The Lonesome. Here’s a link to Benny McCarthy playing it solo

If I feel ambitious I’ll try to transcribe the first 2 and put them up here. Dunno though. I feel like as soon as I do that somebody will point out that they’re magically here under another name. Seems to happen alot, especially with polkas, so we’ll see.

Ditto …..again!

Great album, powerful lively playing, great selection of lesser played tunes. Highly recommended.

Fainne Geal an Lae on Track 6.

I have put a transcription of this in the comments of the obviously related tune with the same name, though that has it as a waltz.