By Capercaillie

  1. Rann Na Móna
  2. Waiting For The Wheel To Turn
  3. Aodann Srath Bhàin
  4. Cape Breton Song
  5. You Will Rise Again
  6. Kenny Macdonald’s
    The Clapton
  7. Dèan Saor An Spiorad
  8. Coisich, A Rùin
  9. Dr. MacPhail’s
  10. Heart Of The Highland
  11. Breisleach
  12. Martin Rochford’s
    The Islay Ranters
  13. Servant To The Slave

Three comments

Capercaillie album five, I think, released ’91. Nice recording, lacking in tunes maybe, but Karen’s voice is lovely. I took five minutes to draw the unknown tune names from the recesses of the internet, and they are, hopefully, correct. I’m a bit curious about the opposing Scots Gaelic and Irish graves on the song titles - it seems odd.

Karen Matheson - vocals
Marc Duff - whistles, bodhran, wind synthesiser
Manus Lunny - bouzouki, guitar, vocal
Charlie McKerron - fiddle
John Saich - bass, guitar
Donald Shaw - accordion, keyboards

“Delirium” - Capercaillie

I think two tracks on this album are quite outstanding. One is the Gaelic song Breisleach (“Delirium”), which is exactly about that: it is a transcendent song of desire, extraordinary enough in the English translation which I have read - it must be in the sleeve-notes - and graced here with as transcendent a tune. The words were written by Aonghas MacNeacall and the tune by Donald Shaw, according to the band’s website. Karen Matheson sings here.

The other is McPhail’s Reel, a traditional, fairly simple but beautiful four-part reel played at a moderate speed against a restrained backing, gradually built up.

Some of Capercaillie’s stuff passes me by, but the above tracks are, in my humble(?) opinion, quite perfect. These *are* really good musicians.