Jig Away The Donkey

By Gerry O’Connor, Gabriel McArdle, and Martin Quinn

  1. Lanigan’s Ball
    Madam I’d Love To Be Tossing Your Hay
  2. The Cottage In The Grove
    The Dandy
    Over The Bridge To Beeta
  3. Bold Doherty
  4. The Maid That Dare Not Tell It
    Jemmy Duffy’s
    Some Say The Devil Is Dead
  5. Jackson’s Rum Punch
    Tip Into Bed Honey
  6. Farewell Dear Erin
  7. My Mind Will Never Be Aisy
    The Piper’s Maggot
    The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim
  8. The Maids Of Mullagh
    The Mohill
  9. Bonny Wee Charlie
  10. The Flowing Tide
    The Man From Newry
    The Boys Of Blue Hill
  11. The Boys Of 25
    Mick’s Jig Away The Donkey
  12. The Holland Hankerchief
  13. Traynor’s Rambles
    The Rock
    Eddie’s Jig Away The Donkey

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Correct Submission Details

This Album is a collaberation between Martin Quinn, Gerry O’Connor and Gabriel McArdle. Not a solo album by Gabriel McArdle as has been submitted, i suggest re-submitting the album or altering submission details

all the best

Cathal McConnell is still missing!

Great CD

This is a wonderful collection of tunes and songs. Great stuff altogether. Thanks, Dick.