Ego Trip

By MacDara Ó Raghallaigh

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Live album from on of the very best players about at the moment. His is the brother of the concertina player Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh and, along with Aine and Nora, they make up an extraordinary musical family. His music has some magical quality that is hard to pin down but I think it comes from his phrasing (very like his brother) which produces this wonderful pulse in the tunes. His interpretation also seems to be uniquely his own and frankly if you don’t own this album you need to re-assess your life as it is clearly incomplete.

It can be purchased or downloaded from:

MacDara O Raghallaigh’s new album

Hey folks, this is a must have album… I’ve checked out a couple of his vids on youtube under comhaltas and love his version of Bantry Bay and had to learn it. I like how he keeps it simple with all the necessary ornamentations to liven it up.

I just launched “Ego Trip” on my site if anyone is interested to get it first.

Peter Corfield

The Gan Ainm on Track 11 …

is Sir Philip McHugh. Completes a great set on a great album available also on emusic!

Ego Trip

Brilliant, brilliant album. Well done MacDara - this album rocks!

The engineering on this record is great. You can almost pick out
which bow hairs are playing.

This album is utterly fantastic

Ego Trip

I got this CD 18 months ago - great stuff indeed.

Some comments on track 11 from MacDara himself in response to my asking him about track 11c (which is ‘Gan Ainm’ on the CD sleeve) -

“I never had a name for that tune and I checked with Eileen O Brien who couldn’t provide one either.Since I put out the cd I’ve seen it being called “Sir Philip McHugh” but I couldn’t say if this is gospel.The name Larry Redicans or Larry Redicans Mother has been put on the first one but Eileen said this was because Larry played it not wrote it.Thanks for buying and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.Spread the word! Cheers,

Re: Ego Trip

Surely it’s time for another album from this guy…

Re: Ego Trip

I think the only thing that would make this album better would be if the audience were dancing to this wonderful dance music! I love those tracks where he’s tuned down the fiddle to Bb in order to immitate flat pipes.

Re: Ego Trip

Only just hear of this guy, how did I miss him…corker of an album. Love it love it love it!

Re: Ego Trip

Can anyone tell me the tuning he’s using in the Home Ruler, and also the Ballyloughlin tunes?

This guy is immense, i’m seriously addicted.

Re: Ego Trip

He’s using EbBbFC tuning, so that his usual D-string sounds at B-flat. Supposed to imitate flat uilleann pipes, I believe.