The Boys Of Sligo

By Dervish

  1. Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
    The New Rigged Ship
    Larry Redican’s Bow
  2. The Dolphin
    The Clapton Jigs
  3. Thos Byrnes
    The Man Of Aran
  4. Jackson’s
    The Cliffs Of Glencolumbkille
  5. The Sligo Set
    Martin Wynne’s No. 1
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  6. The Raphoe
    The Chestnut Tree
  7. The Boys Of Sligo
    Monaghan Twig
  8. The World’s End Set
    Michael Dwyer’s
    The World’s End
    Tommy Peoples’
    Charlie Lennon’s No.4
  9. The Meelick Team
    The Independent
  10. Unknown
    Return From Camden Town
  11. The Key Of The Convent
    Tommy Peoples’
  12. The Dancing Bear
  13. Walsh’s Fancy
    The Congress
    Spoil The Dance

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Debut recording from Dervish(minus Cathy Jordan).


This album had Martin McGinley on Fiddle, as opposed to Shane McAleer who played on some of the other earlier albums.

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I really like early albums from Dervish (well, judging by this one and Harmony Hill). Great Christmas present for me!

Great tunes on this album, and you can hear the early seeds of Dervish’s development. For that reason it’s more interesting as a record of how things developed than as an album you’d want to listen to on your stereo the whole time. They just haven’t quite got it together yet on this one. I’m struck by how "ropily" put together the sets are, how bad the sound quality is on some of the tracks, and how the band hasn’t quite meshed rhythmically yet, especially Michael to Brian in the rhythm section. Later though, they’d mesh perfectly and create Harmony Hill, which is one of the best trad albums that has ever been produced by anyone.

Re: The Boys Of Sligo

The tune "The Raphoe Reel was composed by Martin McGinley himself, I believe.