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Released in 1978, "Iona" were :

George Ormiston - flute & whistles
Gordon Tyrrel - guitar, vocals
Dave Bulmer - piano accordion, fiddle
Tony Wilson - banjo, guitar, vocals

I’ve posted this after a recent discussion - the first 2 reels on track 5 were attributed to Charlie Lennon, but I’ve changed them to their more popular names.

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What a shame. The group described in the photoblog beside the track listing has nothing to do with the group that recorded this excellent piece of work, which includes one of the most obscure slip jigs ever (perhaps my favourite), and even though Sliabh Notes recorded the fine reel that opens track 5 (first cousin to The cup of tea?) and called it McDonagh’s, no one else seems to know it with that name. I suppose maybe it is a good thing that we do not have to rely on computerised frills as long as we have the music itself.