Ceol Ar an bhFeadóg Stáin

By Donncha O’Briain

  1. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    Seán Sa Cheo
  2. Brendan Coombe’s
    Port Uí Chaoimh
  3. The Boyne Hunt
    Mairí Ar An GCarraig
  4. Thomond Bridge
    An Londubh
  5. Port Sonny Brogan
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  6. The Maple Leaf
    The Man Of Aran
  7. The Maid Of Mont Cisco
  8. Ríl Tom Martin
    The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  9. Ríl Dharach De Brún
    Slán Le HÉireann
  10. Ní Ar Chnoc Ná Ar Ísleacht
  11. Trim The Velvet
    Scaipeadh Na GCleití
  12. The Butcher’s March
    The Queen Of The Rushes
  13. Kitty Gone A’ Milkin’
    The Flogging
  14. Sporting Paddy
    Ríl Josie McDermott
  15. Cornphíopa Loch Garman
  16. Richard Dwyer’s
    The Spike Island Lasses
  17. The Dublin
    The Ivy Leaf
  18. Seán Sa Cheo
    The Dunmore Lasses
  19. Tom Billy’s
  20. Port Tom Mór
    The Flying Wheelchair

Three comments

CD: "Donncha Ó Briain: Ceol Ar An BhFeadóg Stáin" - Gael Linn, 2011

The first 16 of these tracks were originally released on vinyl and cassette, 1979 -

The last four tracks are courtesy of RTE Radio na Gaeltachta…

Thank you Gael Linn for this re-release of a prized recording by a talented musician and his friends. There’s much more said better than I can by Donncha’s brother Mick, with photos, in the included booklet.

This is highly recommended…

Here are some of the other musicians featured, and where no last name is given it’s Donncha’s family -

3.) Micheál (Mick) - uilleann pipes & Tomás - fiddle

5.) Micheál (Mick) - uilleann pipes

7.) Marcus Ó Ceallaigh - guitar

8.) Micheál (Mick) - uilleann pipes; Tomás – fiddle; Aindrias – bodhran & Donncha Senior – button accordion

10.) Micheál (Mick) - uilleann pipes

12.) Micheál (Mick) - uilleann pipes; Tomás – fiddle; Aindrias – bodhran & Donncha Senior – button accordion

15.) Donncha Senior – button accordion

20.) Johnny Connolly – melodeon & Charlie Lennon - piano

20.) "Port Tom Mór" / "The Flying Wheelchair"

Played by Johnny Connolly & Charlie Lennon, track 16 from the excellent and highly recommended recording "Johnny Connolly: An Mileoidean Scaoilte" -
CICD 157 – Cló Iar-Chonnachta, 2004

“A great musician and friend, Charlie Lennon, composed ‘The Flying Wheelchair’ jig for Donncha. The title aptly describes Donncha’s life, he never let the grass grow under his feet. If there was a session of music anywhere, he was gone!!!”

& from Johnny Connolly’s recording -
"Port Tom Mór" - “composed by Johnny Óg in acknowledgement of the close friendship between his father and Tom Lydon from Carna”