Between Up And Down

By Ado Barker And Ruairi McGorman

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  1. Between Up And Down
    The Chattering Magpie
    The Spike Island Lasses
  2. Bundle & Go
    The Kid On The Mountain
  3. Farewell To Fiunary
  4. The Lobster
    The Sligo Maid
  5. The South West Wind
    Mo Ghra Thu
  6. Comb Your Hair And Curl It
    The Jug Of Punch
  7. Inion A’Bhaoghailligh
  8. Gan Ainm
    Farewell To Miltown
    The Plough And The Stars
  9. The Gooseberry Bush
    John Kelly’s
    Kit Connor’s
  10. Statia Donnelly’s
    The Cat That Ate The Candle
    Tom Billy’s
  11. Maddy Donovan’s
    The Bride’s Return
    From Thornbury’s Heights
  12. Blue Murder
  13. Kitty O’Neill’s
  14. The Horse’s Leotard
    Peggy’s Nettles
    Paidin O’Rafferty
  15. The Poor Man’s Fortune
    Gan Ainm
    The High Fiddle

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‘Between Up and Down’ - The first solo release from ‘Trouble in the Kitchen’ and Melbourne based fiddle player Ado Barker

Released little over a month ago, ‘Between Up and Down’ is the first solo fiddle album from Melbourne fiddler Ado Barker. This CD has been highly anticipated since the last release from Aussie trad band, ‘Trouble in the Kitchen’, of which Ado was a founding member.

Joining Ado on the album is Dublin born bouzouki player Ruairi McGorman. Currently residing in Australia, Ruairi comes a small list of individuals to have been tutored by master accompanist Alec Finn. Also on the album is another Melbourne resident, Dougal Adams. Originally from Perth, Dougal adds his sensitive and flowing concert flute playing to a number of tracks.

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Sydney Release Video

Here is a recent video from the release of ‘Between Up and Down’ in Sydney at the end of March. Here Ado and Ruairi play track number 9 from the album, ending with a tune made well known by Tommy Peoples, ‘Kit Connors”.

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