Jigs, Reels & Rock n’ Roll

By Frankie Gavin & DeDannan

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Was there a bass used on this recording?

Does anyone know if they used a bass guitar on some of the accompaniments on this recording? Or does Mike Galvin do it all on guitar?

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Correction, please….

This is not a Frankie Gavin solo album, as implied by your listing. It states very clearly on the front of the sleeve and on the 12-page insert that the recording is by “Frankie Gavin & De Dannan”. The credits state “All tracks arranged by Frankie Gavin & De Dannan”. I think that should be changed, in the interests of accuracy.
The “details” - rather annoyingly to an “anorak” like myself - don’t list the tune titles, and the insert sleeve notes aren’t much better. I’ll try to track them down, and post them below.

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PS - no mention of bass anywhere on the sleeve notes that I could find.

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When did it come out?

I do wish people would include the year of release when posting recodrings here.

it is uncanny how much like a bass guitar some of the backups sound like - I saw them live and yes - the Mike Galvin lays down what sounds like a bass line - he is amazing -

@Kenny: as you probably know, when you submit a recording you select the artist from a drop down menu. The artist/group you mention is not listed in that drop down menu -

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I think not…………

Not true, at all “Reeds”. How do you think an artist gets into the list in the first place ? You would only use the drop-down menu if recordings they’ve made are there already. You always have the option of adding to the list of artists. As the person who posted the recording, you can edit it and change any of the titles or listings. I would politely request that you do so here. Thanks.

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Maybe pedals?

Perhaps Mike Galvin is getting that bass accompaniment with pedal effects?

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Frankie Gavin - fiddle, viola, flute and whistles
Damien Mullane - accordions
Eric Cunningham - bodhran, snare, flute and whistles
Mike Galvin - guitar , bouzouki
Michelle Lally - vocals

Frankie’s certainly not slowing down with age. Some of the fastest playing of traditional Irish music ever recorded, I would think. All great players, and he’s found yet another superb singer in Michelle Lally, beautiful voice.

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I’ve updated the tune titles beyond what’s given in the CD sleeve notes. There’s a barndance and 2 polkas which I’ve heard before, but haven’t remembered names yet.

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Re: Jigs, Reels And Rock n’ Roll

Anyone know the tune played in down the moor?