In Retrospect

By Danny O’Mahony

Six comments

I heard a few years ago that Danny said he would never record an album. So much for that. I’m not complaining, mind - I’m sure this has some of the best accordion playing you’ll find today.

Lovely album a must for any box playing lover but not nearly as good as Danny can play live! a mere shadow of the amazing powers of this master accordion player!


This is gorgeous playing. The pure beauty of the melody with no pressure, no madness and no excess virtuosity. The playing seems slow at first listen because the playing is so balanced and expressive. But the tunes are played at a good clip. The soul of the man shines through. This is a great CD.


best box playing I’ve heard since Josephine Marsh, especially the D/Dsharp tunes - gorgeous! and thanks to the Carmody family for such an appropriate legacy.