Fiddle And Flute: Irish Traditional Music

By Natalie Padilla, Blayne Chastain And Peter Romero

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Release Date: June 3, 2011

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Debut album from emerging Irish musicians Natalie Padilla (fiddle), Blayne Chastain (Irish flute & bodhrán), and Peter Romero (piano).

Natalie Padilla is a former Montana state fiddle champion and has a degree in violin performance from the University of Northern Colorado. At age 18 she was UNC’s first freshman to win their annual concerto competition.

Blayne Chastain holds a master’s degree from the University of Limerick in Ireland in Irish flute performance and is the founder of - a niche mail order music shop that specializes in Irish whistles & drums. He also teaches Irish flute & whistle online at

Peter Romero holds a degree in music theory and composition from UNC. His works have been performed by the UNC Men s Glee Club, the Greeley Children s Chorale, and the Boulder Ars Nova Singers. He is a accompanist with the Greeley Children s Chorale and at two local Catholic churches.

I’ve been listening to this album for the last week, and it’s a pleasure to hear. It’s the perfect blend of straight-ahead trad Irish music, tastefully arranged, sparingly accompanied, and beautifully played. Let’s hope this is the first of many albums to come! 🙂

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‘Debut album from emerging Irish musicians Natalie Padilla (fiddle), Blayne Chastain (Irish flute & bodhrán), and Peter Romero (piano).’

‘Irish musicians’?

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I’m with bdh on this one. This is very smooth playing. If anything it’s a little too smooth.

In the context of recent discussions about whether non Irish players can ‘get’ the music, this gives a straight up answer.

I’d give them the benefit of the doubt on the ‘Irish musicians’ thing. Great effort, fine tunes.

Sometimes the piano player tries to go two different directions at once, but they obviously like tunes with tricky modal inferences.

You missed my point, Thom.

They’re musicians playing Irish music, not ‘Irish musicians’.

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This album is really good listening.
I now have a number of Irish Trad albums, but this is the one I get the most pleasure from.
I hope for more!
My current favorite track is Stack of Rye/Messenger/Harp and Shamrock horpipes.
BTW, anyone who is interested in getting a taste can find the Pandora channel called ‘Fiddle and Flute’ and listen to a number of tracks from the album.
Be warned, you will buy it.

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Question particularly to Blayne

What is the flute used on the 6th track for "the musical priest" (I didn’t try to play the mystery reel) ? An E flute played in the standard Bmin, or an F flute played in the less usual Amin ? None of the two !? And what chording for Natalie ?

Re: Fiddle And Flute

Oops! Haven’t been logged in here in a long time! Eb Olwell

A tunebook with chords comes with the album download. Hit me up on my website if you didn’t receive that.