Island To Island

By Various Artists

  1. Quinn’s
  2. Cook In The Galley
    Pussycat Up In The Plum Tree
    Blueberry Quadrille
  3. Lizzie’s
  4. Johnny Doherty’s
    Ravelled Hank Of Yarn
  5. The Job Of Journeywork
    The Moneymusk
  6. Captains And Ships
    Newfoundland Spring
    West Bay Centre
  7. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    Many’s A Wild Night
  8. Like You Would
    Kitty Jones
  9. Tom Billy Murphy’s
    Brennan’s Favourite
  10. The Flying
    Hound’s Tune
  11. Who Stole The Miner’s Hat?
    Hughie Wentzell’s
    Mussels In The Corner
  12. The Kilfenora
    Thomond Bridge
  13. Billy Dinn’s
  14. McGrath’s
    Martin Mulhaire’s No.9

One comment

A fantastic album which explores the relationship between Irish and Newfoundland music. Each group plays a number of selections from their own island although the Newfoundlanders do play a set of Irish reels, the Irish play a set of Newfoundland reels, and Aidan sits in on a set of Newfoundland doubles. It makes for a great listen.

Seamus Creagh: Fiddle
Aidan Coffey: Accordion
Mick Daly: Guitar
Graham Wells: Accordion
Colin Carrigan: Fiddle
Billy Sutton: Banjo
Jason Whelan: Bouzouki
Paddy Mackey: Bodhran