From Celtic Roots

By Polkemmet Grorud Pipe Band

  1. The Hiccup
    The Ragtime Pipers
  2. Brigadier Snow
    Molly Connell
    Aspen Bank
    Dick Gossip’s
    The Kesh
    Rocking The Baby
  3. For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name
  4. The Hen’s
    The Flame In The Fiddle
    Castles In The Fire
  5. Breton Dance
  6. Laxdale Cottage
  7. The Blackbird
    The Gravel Path
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    The Mountain Road
  8. The Kitchen Piper
  9. The Garb Of Old Gaul
    The Music Of Spey
  10. Glensanda
    Mathieson’s Farewell
    Tom Billy’s
    The Swaggering
    Campbelltown Kiltie Ball
    The Easy Club
    Itchy Fingers
  11. Nameless
    The Inner Guard
    MacPhail Of Bunnessan

One comment

I just added this recording

I had this album from the time I began learning the highland pipes in the early 90s. My pipe major gave me it on tape.

I love their version of "For Ireland, I Won’t Tell Her Name".
quite sublime. Can make you cry.

Track 6, the two 2/4 marches are if i remember from the liner notes, actually accordion tunes. Really fun tunes.

The rest of the album is great really. One of the tracks is used again on (then) PM Robert Mathieson’s later solo album Gracenotes.