By Mugar

  1. Kabily-touseg
  2. Ghani-lah
  3. Mehdi
    Aqchich Amejtouh
  4. Far Away
  5. Scottish Mezwed
  6. Lee A.
  7. Tameghra
    Amouh Amouh
  8. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
    The Glenside Cottage
    Reel Let Of The Man
  9. Assendu
  10. Kavadenn I & II
    O’Neill’s March
  11. Andro
    Je Suis Un Kabyle
  12. Iouachou ?

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Wonderful recording

Wonderful recording with three great flute players Nasredine Dalil, Youenn Le Berre and Michel Sikiotakis. A trip between Irish and Arab Music.