To Meet A Friend

By Josephine Marsh and Cyril O’Donoghue

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  1. Reels
  2. McHugh’s
    Donnybrook Fair
    Cape Breton
  3. Song: The Gypsy
  4. The Fairy
    James Keane
  5. The Nurse’s Helmet
    The Goose In The Bog
  6. Tom’s Anniversary
  7. Song: Creggy Hills
  8. Gan Ainm
    The Green Meadow
    Seamus Connolly’s
  9. Kiarn Donnellan’s
    Paddy Marsh’s
  10. Song: Lady Fair
  11. The Hag At The Churn
    Conor Tully’s
    Winnie Hayes’s
  12. Geraldine McNamara’s
  13. Paddy Carty’s
  14. Song: Loving Hannah
  15. The Black Stripper
    Gan Ainm
  16. Sean Frank
    Gan Ainm

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To Meet A Friend

Label? Date of release? Place to purchase?

This was a cassette independently released in Clare in 1990. It’s never been reissued in CD format.

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to meet a friend

can anyone help . i am looking for a copy of " to meet a friend "cassette by josephine marsh. please, please.