Five Miles From Town

By The Retrospectacles

  1. The Balanced
    The Hungry Dog
  2. Farewell To Tchernobyl
    Tommy’s Tarbukas
  3. Home With The Girls In The Morning
    Smokey Toes
  4. Five Miles From Town
  5. Sunday River
  6. Catharsis
    The Red Crow
  7. Night On The Moor
    Cherry Tree
    The Reconciliation
  8. The Punters’ Graveyard
  9. Up South
    Birdy’s Delight
  10. Elzic’s Farewell
  11. The Wild One!
    Becky’s Mode
    The Moving Cloud
  12. High Clouds

One comment

Up South

The tune Up South that the recording links to on the Session is not the one on the recording. The one on Five Miles From Town is a tune I wrote, with no relation at all to the Up South by Fred Morrison.