To The Bridge

By Dick Glasgow

  1. The Hazel
    The Claymore
  2. The Home Ruler
    The Hangman’s Rope
    Kate Marie
  3. The Glasgow Wedding
    The K. J.
  4. The Kiwi
  5. Angela’s
    The Chilvers Shuffle
  6. The Boys Of Ballycastle
    The Flowers Of Antrim
    The Coleraine
    The House In The Glen
  7. The Road To Ballintoy
    The Ballycastle
    The Guns Of The Magnificent 7
    The Humours Of Tulla
    The Jig Of Slurs
  8. The Savage
    The Irish Giant
  9. The Square Pint (Reel)
    The Shadow
  10. The Flower Of Craiganee
  11. Logan’s Air
    Logan’s Fling
    The Pilot’s Whistle
  12. Dusty Rhodes
    The Beeches Of Bregagh

Three comments

To the Bridge!

I recorded these tracks, ttowards the end of the 90s. This is a wee collection of Traditional tunes, plus a few of my own compositions, played by myself and some local North Antrim musicians, including a few of my students, on a couple of tracks.


Dick Glasgow: Fiddle, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Concertina, Octave Mandola & Bodhran
Sabine Glasgow: Vocals & Harp
Ciaran Kelly: Guitar
Padraig O’Mianain: Melodeon
Sean Martin: Guitar
Chris McCormick: Fiddle
Catherine McLean: Flute & Whistle
Dominic McNabb: Fiddle
John Moulden: Bodhran & Spoons
Mary Mulholland: Piano
Michael Sands: Guitar

Fiddle Students:
Marie Donaghy, Tommy Glass, J. D. Hamill, Nora O’Murchu, Diorean McCombe, Grainne McGoldrick, Sinead McGouran, Una McGouran, Fiona McHaig, Orla Mullan, Jenny Connor, Rachel Dillon, Carla Glass, Jane Hamill, Anthony Hughes, Gerard Kelly, Ewa Kelly, Michael Kelly, Simone McAllister, Marie McGill, Kathy McGouran, Ciara McShane, Kelly Maybin, D A Stars & Holly Tompkin.

I have posted some of the tracks from this recording, in MP3 form, on my North Antrim PodBean site, so if your interested, just follow the links below.


The Hazel / The Claymore:

The Home Ruler / The Hangman’s Rope / Kate Marie:

Angela’s Waltz / The Chilvers Shuffle:

The Savage Hornpipe / The Irish Giant:

The Square Pint / The Shadow:

Logan’s Air / Machrinish / Logan’s Fling / The Pilot’s Whistle:

Dusty Rhodes / The Beeches of Bregagh:


Re: To The Bridge

Cracking tune @Kenny! Thanks for the video 🙂

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