Rathlin Sound

By Dick Glasgow

  1. Half Hanged MacNaghten
    The Toastrack
  2. John O’Dwyer Of The Glen
    Farewell To Whisky
    Queen Of The Fair
    Northern Lasses
  3. The Ballycastle
    The Turfahun
    The Mosside
  4. The Witch Of Glentow
    The Black Nun
  5. Farewell To Slemish
    Sam Stevenson’s
    The Antrim And Derry Fiddlers
    The Braid Burn
  6. Jim McGill’s
    The Ballinlea
  7. Rathlin Air
  8. Rathlin Sound
    Murlough Bay
  9. Rathlin Ferry
  10. Bonny Kells Water
    Behind The Haystack
  11. The Humours Of Ballycastle
    The Antrim Lasses
    The Maid Of The House
    The Antrim Rose

Two comments

Rathlin Sound!

I recorded these tracks, towards the end of the 90s.
It’s a wee collection of Traditional tunes, plus a few of my own compositions, played by myself and some local North Antrim musicians, including a few of my students, on a couple of tracks.


Dick Glasgow: Fiddle, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Concertina, Octave Mandola, Vocals, Jews Harp & Bodhran
Sabine Glasgow: Harp & Vocals
Kevin Glasgow: Guitar
Wilbert Garvin: Uilleann Pipes
Ciaran Kelly: Melodeon & Guitar
Padraig O’Mianain: Melodeon
James McElheran: Accordion
Denis Sweeney: Fiddle
Sean Martin: Guitar
Catherine McLean: Flute & Whistle
Gerry McGouran: Flute & Whistle
Marie McLean: Whistle
John Moulden: Lilting, Bodhran & Spoons
Mary Mulholland: Piano
Michael Sands: Guitar

Fiddle Students:
Jayne Bonnar & Riona Bonnar

I have posted some of the tracks from this recording, in MP3 form, on my North Antrim PodBean site, so if your interested, just follow the links below.


Half-hanged MacNaughten / The Toast Rack:

The Ballycastle / The Turfahun Barndance / The Mosside:

Farewell To Slemish / Sam Stevenson’s / The Antrim & Derry Fiddlers / The Braid Burn:

Rathlin Air / Rathlin Reel:

The Humours Of Ballycastle / The Antrim Lasses / Maid Of The House / The Antrim Rose: