And So The Story Goes…

By Sean Tyrrell, Kevin Glackin And Ronan Browne

  1. The Hunt
  2. The Skies Over Ballyroan
  3. Micky Callaghan’s
    The Scartaglen
    The Dusty Miller
    Tom Billy’s
  4. Dan O’Hara
  5. The Old Grey Goose
  6. The Cat That Kittled In Jamie’s Wig
    The Errigal
    The Black Mare Of Fanad
  7. The Quaker’s Meeting
  8. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  9. Cronin’s Jigs : The Nightingale + The Wandering Minstrel
  10. The Man For Galway
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  11. An Gasúr Mór
    The Glen Road To Carrick
  12. An Phis Fhliuch
  13. The Cap And Bells
    The Frost Is All Over
  14. The Old Bush
    My Love Is In America
    Trim The Velvet
  15. Mickey Free
    The Mountain Road

Three comments

A great recording

From 2011, released by MÓC Music. Very nice interplay between the guys, and quite interesting with the double bass in there as well

An album update once a month in the discussion section is enough. Please don’t add this to the recordings, it isn’t relevant.