In Full Bloom

By Donna Hebert

  1. Blackberry Quadrille
    La Galope Bouchard
  2. Raven’s Wing
  3. Magic Foot
    Son Of A Bear
  4. La Grondeuse
    La Grande Gigue Simple
  5. La Valse Joyeuse
  6. Reel Du Pere Bruneau
    Reel Des Accordeonistes
    Les Femmes
  7. Circular
  8. Reunion Gigue
  9. Fireside
    Two-Step D’Armand
    Reel Beatrice
  10. Little Birds
  11. A Place Called Beautiful

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Another mystery listing……..

Would you like to explain why you posted this here, as it can hardly be for the content of Irish music. Who’s Donna Hebert ? What does she play ? Is the recording any good ? That also applies to her other recording which you posted.

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