By Doolin’

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  1. Elephant’s
    An Oidhche A Bha Na Gobhair Againn
    The Curlew
  2. Trip To Gurteen
    Adele’s Bath
  3. The One You Love
    After The Summer Comes The Sun
  4. Times Square Moods
    The Broadway
  5. Green Mountain
    Reel Of Rio
    Farewell To Erin
  6. Seasons
  7. The Exile
    Reel Of Mullinavat
  8. The Torn Jacket
    Father Kelly’s
  9. A Night At The Galway
  10. Off To Connemara
  11. O’Reilly From The County Cavan
  12. Jaws Of Aran
    Eel In The Sink

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Doolin’ is a French band consisting of — Wilfried Besse (accordian, vocals), Nicolas Besse (guitar), Josselin Fournel (bodhran), Guilhem Cavaille (fiddle), Jacob Fournel (whistles), and Sébastien Saunié (bass).

This is their third studio album.


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