Master Of Irish Accordion: Dance Medleys

By Mickey Griffin and His Shamrock Orchestra

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Information Needed!

I’m really enjoying these recordings. You can hear very distinctly the pumping of Griffin’s Baldoni or some such melodeon, as the piano and what seems like Tommy Dorsey’s horn section struggle to keep up with him. I can definitely imagine them playing for one of the great dance halls of Boston or New York from the sheer volume coming from the box and piano. That said, little attention is paid to ornamentation or such: very straight-forward music, played for dancers more than listeners.

Information Needed!

I don’t know anything about the band or the recordings besides what little there was on the message boards. Any info would be appreciated.

1: “Irish Polka Hop Dance Medley”
2: “Irish Country Dance Medley”
3: Waltzes
4: Jigs
5: Hornpipes
6: “Irish Jig Step Dance Medley”
7: “Irish Polka Set and Square Dance Medley”
8: Waltz
9: “Irish Special Dance Tunes” [polkas]
10: “Irish Round Dance and Quick Step Medley”
11: Waltz
12: Waltz

Mickey Griffin

I play a Baldoni-Bartoli and I lived in the New York Ceili band era of the 50’ and 60s. No one who I know ever heard of Mickey Griffin. Was he from Boston or some other city with a sizable population? Timmy Cronin, his contemporary, had a much better LP.
Help! who was this guy.

“See You at the Hall: Boston’s Golden Era of Irish Music and Dance” by Susan Gedutis

There’s no mention of Mickey Griffin in this book…