By Peatbog Faeries

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  1. Calgary Capers
  2. The Naughty Step
  3. Dùn Beag
  4. Spigel And Nongo
  5. Passport Panic
  6. Abhainn A’ Nathair
  7. Marx Terrace
  8. Bunny For Breakfast
  9. Ascent Of Conival
  10. Fishing At Orbost
  11. Room 215

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New album from the Peatbog Faeries, the Dunvegan based "fuzzion" band. For myself, it’s not as accessible as previous recordings but has a number of great tracks nonetheless eg "The Naughty Step", "Fishing at Orbost". These guys are a cracking live act though, so I’m sure these tunes (all original) will see their full potential met on stage.

Peter Morrison: pipes, whistles
Peter Tickell: fiddle
Tom Salter: guitar
Graeme Stafford: keyboards
Innes Hutton: bass, guitars, bodhran
Stu Haikney: drums, percussion
The Waywards on brass
Jarlath Henderson & Paul Templeman guesting

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