Now For Some Real Irish Music

By Various Artists

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  1. Quare Bungle Rye
  2. Hardie’s
    Kevin’s In The Valley
  3. Foxhunt
  4. The Days Of The Week
  5. O’Mahoney’s Daughter
    The Peat Fire
  6. Onin Slan
  7. The Mason’s Apron
  8. Twangman
  9. Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
    The Harvest Home
  10. The Leprachaun
  11. Friar’s Breeches
  12. Erin’s Lovely Lea
  13. Paddy In London

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Now for some Real irish Music

Another lp only, and a rare one at that, from 1969.
This has the layout of one of those late sixties samplers it is trying to take the mickey out of.

It is notable for a few things: the cover photograph which has Dan O’Dowd and John Kelly playing for a crossroad dance and the fact a track of Felix Doran and Bobby Casey playing together is included. The story of that one (and the few that aren’t included on this lp) is that the collector who recorded this brought the two together in an English folkclub and got them to agree to play a few tunes for him, the only quiet place was in the jacks and there it was that Casey and Doran recorded their only tunes tunes together ever. Other tracks were recorded at the Keele festival.

the following are playing :

1.-2. Ronnie Drew & Barney McKenna
3. Felix Doran
4. Packie Manus Byrne
5.The Fenians
6.Margaret Laurie
7.-9. Drew & McKenna
10. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman
11. Felix Doran & Bobby Casey
12. Margaret Laurie
13. Drew & McKenna

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