The Lark In The Morning : Songs And Dances From The Irish Countryside

By Various Artists

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  1. Lark In The Morning (song)
  2. The Cobbler
  3. Rocking The Cradle
  4. Sean Dun Na NGall
  5. Whiskey You’re The Devil
  6. Dowdling
  7. Roisin Dubh
  8. The Whistling Thief
  9. In The Month Of January
  10. The Little Beggarman
  11. Druimin Donn Dilis
  12. Wran Song
  13. Lowlands Of Holland
  14. An Bhruinnlin Bheasach
  15. Maggy Pickins
  16. My Bonny Boy
  17. Amhran Dochais
  18. Barbara Ellen

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Lark in the Morning

An lp with recordings made during a 1955 field trip by Diane Hamilton. High content of song but some fine instrumental music included, notably by denis Murphy and Padaig O Keeffe. Highly influential in it’s day.

Musicians and singers:

1. Paddy Tunney
2.Tommy Makem
3. Patrick O’ Keeffe
4. Paddy Tunney
5, Joan Butler and Peg Power
6. Liam Clancy
7. Mrs Joan Clancy
8. Denis Murphy
9. Paddy Tunney
10. Seán Mac Donnchadha
11. Mrs Sarah Makem
12. Mrs Sarah and Tommy Makem
13. Peg Power
14. Laim Clancy
15. Paddy Tunney

All that and a cover design by Louis de Brocquy to boot.
16. Peter Bates
17. Seán Mac Donnchadha
18. Paddy Tunney
19. Seán Mac Donnchadha
20. Denis Murphy
21. Liam Clancy
22. Thomas Baynes

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Instrumental pieces are only identified as ‘jig, reel, hornpipe’ on the cover and I have copied that,. The system drops those in favour of empty spaces.

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Re: The Lark In The Morning : Songs And Dances From The Irish Countryside

That was a bad idea; it changes the number of tracks on the recording and for some reason that’s the one thing on a recording you can’t edit… though it would be super helpful…

About the album, c/o Wikipedia

Liam Clancy (vocals), Tommy Makem (vocals), Paddy Tunney (vocals), Padraig O’Keeffe (fiddle), Joan Butler (vocals), Peg Power (vocals), Joan Clancy (vocals), Dennis Murphy (fiddle, accordion), Sean Mac Donnchadha (vocals), Sarah Makem (vocals), Peter Bates (fiddle), Thomas Baynes (vocals)

It has the distinction of being the first album-length recording of Irish music to be recorded in Ireland. It was recorded by Diane Hamilton and Catherine Wright on portable equipment, between August and December 1955. It was issued on Tradition Records in 1956 as TLP 1004. At the time Liam Clancy, the youngest member of the Clancy Brothers, had not yet joined with his brothers to form the group that would be known as The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, which incorporated itself in 1960. He traveled back to the USA with Diane Hamilton in 1956. Tracks 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21 are sung in Irish, itself a rarity at the time. Tracks 3, 8, 16 and 20 are instrumentals. Paddy Tunney’s version of "The Lowlands of Holland" is the one that was later used by Steeleye Span. Most of the artists went on to be recorded by later collectors. Running time: 48 mins 40secs. The liner notes for the 1996 Rykodisc reissue are by Liam Clancy.

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The Mountain of Women and Liam Clancy

Liam Clancy’s book that is highly recommended called "The Mountain of Women" talks in some detail about the trip with Diane in finding trad tunes and songs throughout Ireland. The description of the Aran Islands is well worth the read. The meeting between Liam and Tommy Makem happened on that trip which was an opportune meeting for the future of Irish song. I need to order the Lark in the Morning CD ASAP. Peace to all.