The Leitrim Equation 2

By Various Artists

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Released in 2011, this is the second album to ensue from the Leitrim County Council traditional music artists in residence programme. Following in the footsteps of Lúnasa (see, Dervish spent a year meeting musicians and singers and playing at various venues in the county. Unlike their predecessors, however, the band concentrated more on the local song tradition.

The musicians and singers featured, by track number, are:

1) Fionnula Maxwell, Eleanor Shanley and Cathy Jordan (vocals), with John McCartin (guitar) and Dervish (D);

2) Ben Lennon, Mossie Martin and Tom Morrow (fiddles) and D;

3) Louise Dunn, Seán Gilrane, Catriona Horan, Liam Kelly, Mick Mulvey, Dave Sheridan, Lorraine Sweeney and Noel Sweeney (flutes) and Packie McPartlan (spoken intro);

4) Adrian Dunbar (vocals), Andy Irvine (mandola) and D;

5) Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Brian Mostyn and John Regan (accordians) and D;

6) Fionualla Maxwell (vocals) and D;

7) as 2 above;

8) Éamonn Daly (vocals) and Orla Daly (harp);

9) Yvonne Ward and Orla Ward (flutes), Lisa Ward (fiddle), Niamh Ward (accordion), Sarah Ward (bodhrán) and D;

10) Charlie McGettigan (vocals and guitar) and Tom Morrow (fiddle);

11) Michael O’Brien (accordion), Fiona O’Brien (banjo) and D with Packie McPartlan (spoken intro);

12) Jimmy Joe Dolan (vocals) and D;

13) as 3) but without a spoken intro;

14) Tom Mulvey (vocals);

15) Kevin McTernan (flute), Michael Patrick Carroll (accordion) and Jim Lacky Gallagher (fiddle) - this is an archive recording but no details of its date are given;

16) Rosie Stewart, Cathy Jordan and Mary McParlan (vocals) and Pádraig McGovern (uilleann pipes);

17) as 2) and 7) above;

18) Eleanor Shanley and Cathy Jordan (vocals), Jarlath McTernan (uilleann pipes), John McCartin (guitar) and D.

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