Lonesome Blues And Dancing Shoes

By Boys Of The Lough

  1. Farewell, Lovely Nancy
  2. The Curragh Races
    John Walsh’s No.1
  3. How Are You Kitty
    Martin’s One-Horned Cow
  4. Slan Cois Maigh
  5. A Walk On The Shore
  6. Brother Gildas
    Calliope House
  7. The Curragh Of Kildare
  8. The Minstrel’s Fancy
    The Atlanta Welcome
    Roxburgh Castle
  9. I Drew My Ship Into A Harbour
  10. The Melodeon
    The Cottage In The Grove
    The Morning Dew
  11. Da BhFaighinn Mo Rogha Do Thriur Acu
    Green Grow The Rushes
  12. The Favourite

Three comments

Latest Album

This is the latest album by the Boys of the Lough….opportunity to see them in concert in November and their sound is better on this album than the last….with a new fiddler only explained as a guest, Kevin Henderson became the latest member of the group with his Shetland touch.


Lonesome Blues And Dancing Shoes Track 2, Curragh Races Polka.

“…I have added a transcription of it on its original - ”The Curragh Races“ reel page…”

Not its original, although there are some similarities in the A parts of these two tunes.