By Smalltalk

  1. Colonel Fraser
    Mary Ann MacInnes
    The Famous Bridge
  2. Cumha Coire A’cheathaich
  3. Jock Hawk
    New Claret
  4. Low Country Dance
    The Ardvasar Blacksmith
    Black Haired Lad
    Shetland Fiddler
  5. Over The Sea To Nova Scotia
  6. Rosie Anderson
  7. Vielles Bottines…Trois Airs Du Quebec
  8. Heights Of Cassino
  9. ’s Truagh Nach Do Dh’fhuirich Mi Tioram Air Tir
  10. Thornton
    James Byrne’s
    Duncan McKillop
    The Bee In The Knickers
  11. Fil O Ro

Two comments

Smalltalk, 2002

This is a great Scottish recording by Iain MacInnes, Stuart Morison, and Billy Ross. Many will know Iain MacInnes from BBC radio.

The players include, Billy Ross (vocals, guitar, dulcimer); Chris Barr (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Lou Demme (vocals, drums); Cy Jack, Frank Demme (vocals); Iain MacInnes (whistling, small pipes, bodhran); Carl Johnson (guitar); Stuart Morrison (cittern, fiddle, bodhran)

There are some nice traditional session tunes here and anyone looking for Scottish smallpipes should check it out.


I don’t know where "2002" comes from, and also some of the musicians listed above. I have this recording on cassette tape, and it was recorded and released in 1994. The only guest musician listed is Cy Jack who recorded and co-produced it and contributes harmony vocals on the final track.
So which tracks feature Chris Barr, Lou Demme, Frank Demme and Carl Johnson, "bob_piper" ?

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