By Keltieg

  1. Yec’hed Mat
  2. Jelene
  3. Cutty Wren
  4. The Hills Of Connemara
  5. Mamkove

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Keltieg ( — is a professional "Celtic" (i.e.: Irish with some Scottish and Cape Breton thrown in) music group active in Slovakia. I had the pleasure to meet Bodhran player and group manager Roman Kozak when i was there last December. To me it’s amazing to find Irish music enthusiasts pretty much all over the world. In fact, Roman told me that he knows of 3 other Irish music groups in Slovakia.

The group usually plauys straight Celtic, but this particular CD is a mix of Irish and Slovak music.

The main reason i’m posting here is because of Juraj Dufek, the piper. This guy makes and plays (masterfully) all kinds of bagpipes, and does great on whistle too. I was told that he’s selling pipes now too, so you might want to check him out if you’re interested.

The CD is available directly from the group, at the email address above.

Slovakia, by the way, is a Slavic country, the southern part of what used to be Czechoslovakia. The country just celebrated 10 years of independence (which happened in Jan 1, 1993).