Champions Twice

By The Liverpool Ceili Band

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Liverpool Ceili Band - "Champions Twice"

Recorded in 1965, after the band won the Senior All-Ireland Ceili Band titles in Mullingar in 1963, and repeated the feat in Clones in 1964.

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Liverpool Ceili Band record tracks - corrected links :

Track 2 - The second jig is “Castletown Conners” [ as spelt in “O’Neill’s” ]. The version posted here is in Ador, but the band play what I consider to be the more common setting in Edor. See “comments” for “abc” notation :

The third tune is linking to the reel of that name. It’s the jig in “O’Neill’s” as “Moloney’s Wife” :

Track 3 - second hornpipe is connecting to a jig. I’ve known it as “The Fort At Kincora”

Track 7 - second jig is possibly better known as “Sean Ryan’s”

Track 9 - Link goes to the wrong “Fairy Queen”. It’s this one :

Can’t remember the name of this second hornpipe, but the link is wrong.

Track 10 - “Fr. Kelly’s” links to the reel, but it’s his jig :

Track 11 - first reel is “I’m Waiting For You”

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