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“Aamos” = Shetland dialect meaning a gift promised in the hope that a wish will be granted to the donor.

Kevin Henderson – fiddle
Mark Laurenson – fiddle & mandolin
Vidar Skrede – guitar & stomp board

AAMOS is a relatively new band, formed, to spread the very special and energetic Shetland fiddle tradition to the world and further. They play mainly the traditional fiddle music of Shetland, the ritual tunes for weddings, the slow melodic tunes, and of course the fast swinging reels which Shetland is most famous for. This Shetland-Norwegian trio consists of 2 fiddles and guitar, which combine to express deep subtle feeling, good humor and plenty of driving power.

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Re: Caravan

There are actually two tune in track 8: Papa Stoor Bridal March and Papa Hopsar!
Can an admin add the provision for the second tune?