The Mystery Inch

By Damien O’Kane And Dave Kosky

Added by Mattt .
  1. The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
    The Mystery Inch
    The Banks Of Newfoundland
  2. John Stenson’s No. 1
    Speed The Plough
    Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  3. The Welcome Return
    Fi’s Frolic’s
  4. Marga’s Moment
    Mrs Crehan’s
  5. Trip To Portugal
    The Little Fair Cannavans
    The Full Set
  6. Makey Upy Simply Tuney
    Princess Gardens
    Hoi Liefie
  7. Castlerock Road
  8. Mac’s Fancy
    Aaron’s Key
    The Seagull
  9. Headlifter
  10. Penistone Shroud
    Michael Cramer’s
  11. Gan Ainm
    Ship In Full Sail
    Garrett Barry’s
  12. The Welcome Return
    Fi’s Frolics

Two comments

Re: The Mystery Inch

OK, so I’m late to the party on this album - it’s fantastic.

Anybody have a title for the jig that opens the set on Track 11? Thx.