Flute Tunes

By Peter Woodley

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Peter Woodley - Flute Tunes

Pete first recorded ( I think ) on the Southerly Breeze album. He also appears
on Wooden Flute Obsession. He got started in Trad music in the 1970s,
inspired by a couple of buskers - Canberra Trad legends actually. Peter worked
on this album off and on for 20 years. He recorded part of it in Australia and part
in Ireland. As far as I know, it was self-funded.

You can get this album by writing to Pete at: pwoodley@bigpond.com
It is also coming soon to CD Baby.

Heard live, Pete has a rich and powerful sound that cuts right through King O’Malleys on a Sunday evening. He plays a Grinter and was involved in the early development of Grinter’s flute design. (I learned that by watching Pete’s recent
Custy’s video 🙂 )

Also appearing in the album are:

Kate Burke, guitar
Eilish O’Connor, fiddle
Eoin O’Neill, bouzouki
Christy Barry, flute and spoons
Jon Jones, percussion
Jacqueline Bradley, fiddle
Kevin Bradley, guitar
Matt Nightingale, double bass
Lucy Woodley, percussion

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