The Magpies’s Nest

By John G. Walsh

  1. John Ganley’s
    Castlemahon Lassies
  2. Dinny O’Brien’s
    Shandon Bells
  3. Paddy O’Brien’s
    Spillane’s Fancy
  4. Flax In Bloom
    Rodney’s Glory
  5. Eamon An CNuic
  6. The Portroe
    The Butcher’s March
  7. Paddy Fahy’s
    Rakish Paddy
  8. Mahoney’s
    Come West Along The Road
  9. Crehan’s
    Father Hanley’s
  10. Chief O’Neill’s
  11. Newtown Bridge
    Christmas Eve
  12. A Ghra Mo Chroi
  13. The Rose In The Heather
    Fasten The Leggins
  14. The Baltimore Salute
    The Magpie’s Nest

One comment

John G. Walsh is an accordeonist(B/C) from Connemara. This recording is a solo with fine piano accompaniment from Eugene Kelly. He was runner-up in the senior All-Ireland Accordeon in 1987 and his daughter Marie went one better in 2004. One of my favorite recordings.