The Green Hills Of Erin

By Matt Cunningham

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The Green Hills Of Erin

1984 debut recording by the popular ceili-band leader, playing button accordion, tin whistle and fiddle, and contributing 2 songs.
The tune titles are the most inaccurate I’ve ever come across on any recording. Of the 22 dance tunes on the recording, I’d dispute 18 of them, and have changed them in the listings.
I don’t think many players of Irish traditional music would call "The Boyne Hunt" "Cooley’s", although of course, he would have played it. "Old Joe’s" jig is called "The Old Bush", "The Road To Rio" is called "The Rockey Road", "The Drunken Landlady" is called "The Morning Star".
Apart from that, it’s a good enough recording, a good source of standard session tunes. There are 2 slow airs played on whistle, but I could have done without the 2 songs.

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