Albert Fry

By Albert Fry

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  1. Sios An Sliabh
  2. Ainnir Dheas Na GCiabhfholt Donn
  3. Pol Halfpenny
    The Chicago
  4. Ceol An Phiobaire
  5. Mheall Si Lena Glorthai
  6. Donal Og
  7. Seachran Chairn TSiail
  8. Johnny Mhici
    The Star Above The Garter
  9. Bean An Fhir Rua
  10. La Brea Te Sa TSamhradh
  11. Larry Og
    The Fisherman’s Island
  12. Nuiair A Bhi Mise Og
  13. Trathnona Beag Areir
  14. A Mhuirnin Og

Two comments

Albert Fry

1979 recording of songs by a fine Irish Gaelic singer from Belfast [ as far as I know ]. He has quite a light voice, maybe even slightly "classical", but very pleasant to the ear, and he has chosen a fine selection of songs. I met him at a Feis in Glasgow over 20 years ago, and enjoyed his singing then and also on this album.
This record is probably most noteable for being the first recording to feature 2 young musicians who then went on to make names for themselves in Irish traditional music - Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, and Frankie Kennedy [ RIP ], who a few years after playing on this LP, made their own duet recording, and subsequently formed "Altan".

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Partial re-issue

Some of this has been re-issued on CD as
"Albert Fry - Tráthnóna Beag Aréir" GaelLinn CEFCD193.
The CD includes tracks 1 and 5 from this LP, with Mairéad Ni Mhaonaigh and Frank (sic) Kennedy, but there are no purely instrumental tracks. Tracks with the same titles as 4, 7 and 13 are included, but were first issued on EP in 1968 and are just voice and guitar.

The CD has 15 other tracks, taken from another LP and several EPs from1968 onwards. It’s described as a treasury of Ulster song, and is available from Claddagh Records and doubtless other sources too. Claddagh added it to their catalogue in 2008, so presumably that’s when it was issued.