Killin’ Clocks

By Philip Duffy

  1. Laura’s
  2. Boys Of Loch Gowna
    Farewell To Whalley Range
  3. 1868
  4. Far Away From Home
    Carraigin Ruadh
  5. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  6. Rick’s Rambles
    The Upper Room
    Billy Brocker
  7. Make You Feel My Love
  8. Father Tom’s Wager
    Buttermilk Mary
    Dooney Rock
  9. The Man Of The House
    Killin’ Clocks
    Pat Molloy’s
  10. The Rock On The Clyde
    Larry’s Delight
    Dingle Davie
  11. Highest Hill In Sligo
    Carracastle Lass
  12. Green Fields Of Woodford
    Courtown Harbour
    Only For Barney
  13. The Master’s Return
    Leitrim Bucks
  14. One Last Cold Kiss

Three comments

I’m afraid I know very little about this recording, just noticed it hadn’t been submitted.

Philip Duffy

Can’t tell you anything about the recording, but according to Bernie Flaherty’s “Trip To Sligo” book, Philip was born in London in 1966, his family returning to Sligo in 1972. He had formal fiddle lessons with Paddy Ryan, and was a successful competitor in the late 1970s, solo, and in duets with flute player Colm O’Donnell.