Ye Jacobites By Name

By The Johnstons

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  1. Ye Jacobites By Name
  2. The Coleraine Regatta
  3. The Newry Highwayman
  4. Joseph’s Fancy
    A Trip To Durrow
  5. What Put The Blood ?
  6. The Fenians From Cahiciveen
  7. The Barleycorn
  8. Sorry The Day I Was Married
  9. The Flower Of Northumberland
  10. The Nine Points Of Roguery
    The Humours Of Tulla
  11. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  12. Fuigfidh Mise’n Baile Seo

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The Johnstons

Released in 1969 - which means that both Paul Brady and Mick Moloney have been in the music business for more than 50 years, which is no mean achievement, as both are still making good music in 2011. Mick Moloney was way ahead of his time in terms of banjo-playing. Track 4 still stands up as great banjo-playing even by today’s high standards, and I don’t think there is much music from that time that you would still say that about.
I do wonder if this is the first recording of the reels "Trip To Durrow" and also "The Nine Points Of Roguery". I don’t know of any earlier.

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The Johnstons - Trip to Durrow

This was recorded by the Glenside Ceili Band in 1966. One of the fiddlers was a sixteen year old Kevin Burke. Ye Jacobites by Name was a compilation from earlier LPs and Trip to Durrow was actually recorded in 1968. The sleeve notes of the original state the tune "was played many years ago on Radio Eireann by Joe Ryan and to use his own words spread like a forest fire." Joe Ryan plays it on his recent CD and it seems he got the tune in the early sixties from Tommy Potts, composer of several other fine tunes.

Trip to Durrow

As discussed in the comments to the tune posting: The Trip to Durrow was not composed by Tommy Potts. It’s popularity largely due to it’s inclusion in the first volume of Ceol Rinnce na hEirreann. Breandán Breatnach got the tune for the publication from John Potts and added the thrid pard, which was originally an alternative to the first part which John Potts ‘heard some flutplayer play’.

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Trip to Durrow

While I can’t say what the first commercial recording of the tune was, I do have a recording of Tommy Potts playing it, from oct 1964

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