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Seudan started as a project by pipemaker Hamish Moore as he was reproducing an old set of Highland pipes for which he made a chanter in A=440 (as opposed to the current trend which pushes the upper end of Bb). Over some 20 years it has gone through several phases and names and contributors. Along with the pitch the other focus has been on repertoire and though there are a few more modern tunes in the selection the influence is very much on the Gaelic roots of the instrument and how it has grown through the Highlands, Hebrides and carried on to Cape Breton.

Seudan on this album are:
Fin Moore, Angus MacKenzie, Calum MacCrimmon and Angus Nicolson on Highland pipes and back-up vocals.
Allan MacDonald on smallpipes, lead vocal and trump (jew’s harp).
Featuring Kathleen MacInnes on voice, Mac Morin on piano and step dance, Ross Martin on guitar and Donald Hay on percussion.

Looks good….

Lot of classic pipe tunes in there, and all great players.

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I’ve had this recording stuck in my car cd player for a couple of weeks now. Some great sets and top class playing - just as you’d expect, given the musicians involved.

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