The Godfather

By Brian Rooney

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Fiddle Classic

Brian Rooney has been hiding his light under a bushel for far too long. As a long time resident of London, Brian has been well known and respected amongst the Irish Traditional Music Community here. With his first album he has produced not only a good album but a classic. Brian plays with great subtlety, mixing crisp bowing with fluid rolls and a gentle swing. Brian is accompanied on piano by Brian McGrath of “Four Men and a Dog” fame and also joined on some tracks by John Carty on banjo, Alec Finn on bouzouki and Frankie Gavin on flute.
I can’t wait to get my hands on his second album!

I agree, This album is excellent. The playing of the first set of tunes reminded me straight away of Tommy Peoples’ style of playing. I’m no expert but sounding close to Tommy Peoples must surely be a sign of a great fiddler.