The Star-Spangled Molly

By De Danann

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I remember a Ballyshannon Folk Festival in the 80s where De Danann played that kind of irish american songs (like here with Maura O’Connell) and the native did like it very much, but the people from the continent were horrified by the sweetness of that kinf of songs - maybe not our taste of celtic music.

Urs (Switzerland)

Kitty’s wedding jig with de danann?

On de danann recording “star spangled molly” they are playing a jig set Kitty’s wedding/The rambler.

When I try to find the sheets I come to the well known hornpipe with the same name. (Kitty’s wedding)

Anyone know where the sheets for this jig are available?

Re: Kitty’s wedding jig with de danann?

My memory might be playing tricks, but I think it was this, only they played it in A. What you should have done was type in “Wedding”, and “jigs” in the tune category. that would have narrowed it down to 11.

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Re: Kitty’s wedding jig with de danann?

Yeah, that (in A) would be the standard “Kitty’s Wedding” that comes before “The Rambler”, anyway. James Morrison and Andy McGann both recorded that set.

Funny, I had no idea it was AKA “Ships in Full Sail”.

All these tunes (plus ‘The Teetotaler/St.Annes’ and ‘Then You’ll Remember Me’) can also be found (in different order) on the Celtic Collections ‘De Danann’ CD (1997)

Link corrections…

“De Dannan” - “The Star Spangled Molly”

This recording was released on CD by “Third Floor Music”, but with the tracks in a different order.

Several of the links here are wrong :

Link corrections :

Track 1 – the “Moher” reel is a version of the tune more commonly called “The Union” reel.

Track 3 - is linking to the well-known hornpipe with which it shares a title. “De Danann” are playing the version of “The Ship[s] In Full Sail” with 3 parts and set in “A” major. “Ships In Full Sail” is here - see comments.

Track 6 - “Conlon’s” is a jig, not the reel which is being linked to.
The jig may or may not be here, but if it is, I can’t find it as “Conlon’s”.

The “Padraig O’Keeffe’s” link is wrong too. Should be this.

I’ve no idea where “The Head Of Cabbage” came from, but this is undoubtedly Ed Reavy’s “Love At The Endings”. I’ve changed the title in the track list, so the link is correct.

Track 10 - “Morrison’s” is unsurprisingly linking to the jig. The reel is also known as “Miss Langford’s” and is here :

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